Our meals start at $7.00 and pricing is subject to change due to fluctuations in the market. Please note that we only accept cash or debit.

Pulled Pork:

Our pork is smoked over hardwood and then we take the time to hand pull the meat to give you an authentic pulled pork experience. Sure it’s labour intensive but barbecue is about doing the small things that make a big difference. Enjoy it either by itself or piled onto a brioche bun and topped with slaw (Memphis style).

Beef Brisket:

The holy grail of the barbecue meats. We use a simple rub that helps create a flavourful bark that will leave you wanting more. Our Certified Angus brisket is smoked fresh each day and will be sliced when you order it to ensure maximum freshness just like the original smokehouses in Texas. Have it as a platter or layered on a brioche bun.

Pork Back Ribs:

Who doesn’t love to sink their teeth into a big rack of ribs?!? We carefully select the meatiest back ribs we can find and smoke them to fall off the bone perfection. Ribs come in a 3-bone, half rack and full rack option since there is no way of eating just one.

Chicken Thighs:

Seasoned with our signature rub, these bone-in chicken thighs have been described as seriously addicting due to a crispy skin and moist interior. No need to go to Kentucky for these tasty birds!

Vegetarian Combo:

If you are not a carnivore then don’t worry, we have a meal option for you as well! A combination of one regular Mac & Cheese and one regular Orchard Baked Beans plus one regular Slaw. Topped with a homemade dill pickle. Enjoy these treats separately or combined together as a parfait.

Orchard Baked Beans:

Savoury meets sweet in this tasty homemade side dish that has even converted non-bean eaters. It’s also vegetarian friendly!

Memphis Slaw:

Tangy and creamy! Good on its own but designed as a topping on our pulled pork sandwiches.

Mac and Cheese:

Warm, cheesy goodness – comfort food at its best!

Get refreshed or wash down your meal with a cool drink.

We offer Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea and Bottled Water.

Here at South Street BBQ, we pride ourselves in using fresh, high quality ingredients for our barbecue and we utilize local sources whenever possible as we’re a believer in supporting our local economy and the people who work hard in our community.


We also make our barbecue fresh every day. Why would we get up at incredibly early hours to hand craft our food for that day? It’s because we want our customers to enjoy what traditional barbecue is all about: Eating the best and freshest food just like you would if at a family get together.

Simplicity is key with our menu and we do not apply sauce to the finished product. Why? Well, we feel that the star of the show is the meat itself. We don’t spend countless hours carefully preparing and smoking the meat only to coat it in a sugary sauce. When you get a heavily sauced rib or pork, what are you really tasting? One thing to remember is that sauce hides a lot of sins so we put ourselves out there bare for all to taste and we feel that you will be converted.

Of course if you need to dribble some sauce onto your food, we make our own special sauces that you can squirt on the side. One is Espresso BBQ and the other is Sweet Texan.