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South Street BBQ

South Street BBQ

Roadside southern barbecue means good food, taking a time out from your busy day, and it brings family, friends and strangers together. It is the ultimate comfort food that is slowly and carefully crafted over wood and hot coals. It’s all about the food, not fancy restaurants, and therefore a rustic, unassuming shack, shed or trailer is a symbol of authentic barbecue throughout the southern USA. South Street BBQ embodies the history, philosophy and flavour of true southern barbecue. It combines food with hospitality, and is a destination place for people from all walks of life.

Located seasonally in a traditional roadside takeout venue, South Street BBQ will feature time-honoured fare including hand-pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and dessert, along with brand merchandise like t-shirts & hats.

As a believer in the farm to table movement, our goal is to provide high quality products using ingredients and supplies from local businesses whenever possible, including naturally raised and ethically sourced meats.

Gavin Sturgeon South Street BBQ

Gavin Sturgeon

As a child, Gavin Sturgeon developed an early love for cooking and it never left. For nearly 20 years, his career as a sales account manager saw him travel frequently to regions that specialize in traditional barbecue including North and South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and many states in between. Often these business trips included stops at various barbecue joints, and led to an appreciation of all things barbecue, and each region’s unique characteristics. Over the past 7 years, Gavin worked for a company that was headquartered in rural North Carolina and he was able to immerse himself in the culture and gain a first hand perspective into the pride of barbecue.

After leaving the corporate sales profession due to downsizing and company restructuring, Gavin obtained his Ontario Safe Food Handling Certificate and SmartServe Certificate, assisted with event catering and bartending, bought a smoker to make southern barbecue at home, and started creating his own recipes.

Family and friends loved the taste of the food as much as Gavin enjoyed barbecuing it and so his path to owning his own barbecue business was born.

It’s a perfect fit as it combines his past experience in sales and providing superior customer service with his interests in cooking.