South Street BBQ

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March 10, 2017

Two years ago I was able to fulfill a dream of having my own business and in that time, I enjoyed bringing southern BBQ to our community. Along the way I met great people, was honoured to consistently receive 5-star reviews and was always humbled but pleased to hear so often from those who said we had the best ribs and brisket in North America. It’s hard to sum up one or two highlights since there are so many memorable moments, but winning the Business Leadership & Entrepreneurial Innovation award from the County of Peterborough was one of them. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people have been asking me when I’m opening for the season and what my plans are as they just can’t wait to experience the taste of South Street BBQ again. I finally have an answer, although it may not be the one that you are expecting.

The path that led me to open South Street BBQ has diverted into a whole new direction. I have just been accepted into university and will be focusing on obtaining my Master’s Degree. Education, along with owning a business was something that I have always wanted to pursue and should have done a long time ago. Being given this new opportunity is one I can’t pass up and I’m really excited about but it will demand my full attention.

My equipment is up for sale, and the shack will not be open this summer, but once I get a firm hold on the schooling, SSBBQ may eventually evolve into a part-time hobby business. You may see me around at competitions and community events…who knows. I am also planning on keeping my website and social media accounts up and running and sharing tips, news, recipes and other BBQ and food related info.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past few years and for all the new friendships made. Please keep in touch!



South Street BBQ

South Street BBQ

Roadside southern barbecue means good food, taking a time out from your busy day, and it brings family, friends and strangers together. It is the ultimate comfort food that is slowly and carefully crafted over wood and hot coals. It’s all about the food, not fancy restaurants, and therefore a rustic, unassuming shack, shed or trailer is a symbol of authentic barbecue throughout the southern USA.

South Street BBQ embodies the history, philosophy and flavour of true southern barbecue and brings it to Peterborough County. It combines food with hospitality, and is a destination place for people from all walks of life.


South Street BBQ Road Sign Douro Arena

South Street BBQ is located in the parking lot of the Douro Arena on Hwy 28 at County Road 4, Peterborough County.

We are a seasonal business and will be open from May to September and we open at 11am. Please note that we only accept cash or debit.

We will be open Wednesday-Friday (11a-6p) & Saturdays (11a-2p). Please note that we may close early due to selling out of items - this happens with traditional southern BBQ so come early to avoid disappointment!

Please follow us on Twitter (@southstreetbbq) and Facebook (South Street BBQ) for up to date information on our hours of operation